In God We Trust

Five years ago, Pope John Paul II, the greatest religious and spiritual leader, left us. Being the world guardian of one billion Catholics on earth, John Paul II is valued as the most revered human being on earth, the most tireless moral voice of a secular age. He reminds humankind of the worth of individuals in the modern world. Pope John Paul II committed his whole life to advancing the reform of Catholic, to promoting tolerance and dialogue between religions and to anti-war and world peace. John Paul II is the most traveled pope in history, having visited nearly every country in the world which would receive him.

Back in the late 1990s, in the period of three years, I had 17 visits to Vatican. I also followed Pope John Paul II to visit many cities in Brazil. Being received in audience by the Pope, in the close contact with him, I was deeply moved by his passion and love to world peace. In the early morning of April 11, 2010, right before my 58 year birthday, Pope John Paul II appears in my dream, talking to me.

Pope John Paul II said to me, the human world has yet to realize the vision of peace. Each one of us can use our own power to do the work for world peace. The world’s great religious books are all using pearl as the symbol of heaven and as the media to spread the world peace messages. Why not invent a new value system, Pearl Currency, which is beyond the constraints of time, space, political systems and other impact. Pearl Currency is entirely given by nature. In addition, according to the worldwide pollution situation, in 30 years it will be difficult to cultivate more pearl coins because the clean water necessary for growing them will no longer be available. As a result, the value of each pearl coin will also increase as it becomes more and more difficult to cultivate new stocks. Investment return of pearl coin will be even higher than gold and diamond. We must learn to make good use of this God-given treasure for the benefit of all mankind.

People tend to interpret religions in their own way. How to let people around the world understand that all religions are carrying the same world peace message is the key to eliminate confusion and misunderstandings and to achieve world peace. This is our love and faith to God and the best practice to what God’s been teaching us. Inspired by Pope John Paul II, we started to write the book of Pearl Currency.


早在1990年代末,三年的时间里,我曾先后17次拜访梵蒂冈,也追随教宗保罗二世到访巴西各地,在与教宗近距离的接触中,心中更是被他对世人的仁爱与慈悲打下深深的烙印。我也终于得到了梵蒂冈2000千禧年全球天主教文物授权(Official Vatican Licensee of Jubilee 2000 Collection)。2010年4月11日,在我五十八岁生日即将到来前夕,教宗保罗二世出现在我梦中,与我对话。

教宗对我说,人类世界和平的愿景还没有实现,我们每一个人都可以用自己的力量来做世界和平的工作。世界各大宗教经典均用珍珠来作为天堂的代表,用珍珠来传播和平的讯息。人类更应该发明以珍珠为基础的货币——Pearl Currency,用Pearl来作为价值的代表,Pearl Currency的价值不受时间和空间的限制,也不受政治体系变化与纷争的影响,完全是由自然赋予。今后由于地球表面无污染水域的不断减少,Pearl Coin的价值将愈发地珍贵,我们要学会和好好利用这些上天赐予的宝贝,为人类造福。

宗教的真义在每个人心中都有着不尽相同的诠释。如何让全世界的人们都领会到各宗教相通之处,消除隔阂与误解,达成世界和平,这是我们对上帝之爱最虔诚的信仰和最好的践行。为了尽我们所能,将教宗保罗二世的伟大精神继续传乘下去,我们决定写下这本Pearl Currency的书。