Jewelry from the Heart

Dear Sir or Madam,
People call me Sam Obama. I work in the fashion district in Manhattan. Every day, I walk through Time Square to go to work. It’s a fascinating place for me from Times Square to 38th Street.
I enjoy observing the busy crowds as well as people sitting idly along the streets. Everybody looks so different. They have different identities. Some may be artists or tourists. Others may be homeless people. They may be rich or poor. They are there every day and night, telling their stories in silence with their eyes. To me, they are part of the fascinating street view. They are an inseparable part of the great New York City.
Recently, the fashion center of the world put on a unique fashion exhibition featuring over 30 mannequin art pieces by New York’s leading fashion designers. The “Sidewalk Catwalk” is on display in the public plazas along Broadway from Time Square to Herald Square. These one-of-a-kind creations are so beautiful, so outstanding. Yet, they merged with the city crowd in the streets so perfectly.
When I was standing in front of the art pieces, amazed by the genius creations, there were always people who come to me and say: You look like Obama. That’s the greeting I always get. Usually, I smile back. But this time, it came from a homeless person. From his eyes, I saw hunger. At that moment, a fashion statue, an Obama-look-alike, and a homeless man standing together in the center of Manhattan, created a most intriguing site. 016
What is fashion? Are we a part of fashion? Yes, we all are. Life is fashion. We are all in it. People around us are what inspire us everyday. And our unique existence inspires other people in return. Even people wandering on the street are important pieces of fashion DNA. They are part of the environment that enables the unique New York Fashion to grow. But is fashion giving anything back to them?
Our team wants to help New York City homeless people through fashion. Our idea is to use natural material jewelry to match the dresses of the fashion mannequins. We can raise people’s awareness of CHARITY and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION in that way. In addition, we would like to donate part of the proceeds of jewelry sales to feed the poor. is planning to promote “Jewelry from the Heart” by sharing food with those Fashion DNAs around Thanksgiving and Christmas time. We are proud to have such a rich multi-cultural soil for New York Fashion to grow. We want to continue having such a freedom of creation to keep us the LEADER in the world fashion. would also like to contribute its 10,000 sf space located at 246 W 38th Street, New York, to be the fashion museum for the mannequins after they finish their display duty. The space will be always open to those people who are passionate about fashion and about making our world a better place.
We look forward to have you visit us to share in this monumental project.


Sam Obama