A Wish is Waiting to Come True

The Wish Pearl you hold is a gift
to yourself or a gift
from someone who loves you.
As with all gifts, the more you wear
and use this pearl
the more valuable it becomes.
Each one is distinctive and special,
in the same way that
You Are Special.

You and Your Very Special Wish Pearl
Graced by the earliest of Greek Gods
and throughout ancient and medieval history,
pearls have been recognized as one of
the most precious of divine gifts.
Indeed, they have possessed an aura
of mystery and mystique as long as
mankind can remember.
A Wish Pearl is a fascinating cultured pearl
that takes a minimum of 3 to 5 years
to develop within an impregnated mollusk
before it reaches perfection.

Honoring its universal symbolism,
the Wish Pearl may be thought of
as A-Wish-Waiting-To-Come-True!
As each pearl must remain within its shell until
opened by that very special person.
Only then will it reveal its unique beauty.

The Wish Pearls rainbow of colors include:
White, for wisdom
Peach, for health
Cream, for success
Gold, for wealth
Lavender, for love